Assalamu’alaikum Wr, Wb.Kab Pas ijen

First of all, lets pray and thank unto our god Allah who has been giving us some mercies and blessings.   May Allah send blessings and peace upon our great Prophet Muhammad who had become the Messanger of God to convey happy news and  alerts as well as mercy for people of this world.

On behalf of Pasuruan Regency I would like to say Welcome to Pasuruan Regency to all participants of Fam   Trip of Travel Exchange of Majapahit Travel Fair 2016 .

I am proud of Pasuruan Regency becoming the host of Fam trip of Travel Exchange  of Majapahit Travel Fair 2016.  So in this opportunity I would like to express high appreciation to The Governor of East Java Province.

Pasuruan Regency has many tourism  destination areas  such as : Bromo Maountain that most well known by the world which displays the beauty of sunrise than can be enjoyed  from the top of Penanjakan Mountain, Taman Safari Indonesia II Prigen, The international standard of golf course ( Finna Golf course and The Taman Dayu City of Festival) etc.

This program is very useful for Pasuruan Regency  to promote our potential tourist destinations and gives advantages to all tourism industries and local community  so it can reboost  the economic growth In Pasuruan Regency.

Finally, have a nice trip in Pasuruan Regency and enjoy the beauty of richness of natural tourist destinations

Wassalamu’alaikum Wr, Wb

Regent of Pasuruan Regency

Kadis JariantoAssalamu’alaikum  Warakhmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Dear Tourism Professionals,

Our warm welcome to all participants of Travel Exchange of Majapahit Travel Fair (MTF) 2016, to be held on April 14, 2016 at Bumi Surabaya City Resort.

Every year our travel fair, MTF, not only brings together hundreds of buyers, sellers, and exhibitors from some countries and some regions but also from different parts of Asian and European countries. Travel Exchange (Travex) as the main program of MTF has gained success, both for its participant and transaction. In 2016, MTF Travex will continually be held at Bumi Surabaya City Resort, participated by sellers from travel agents, hotels, tourist destinations and exhibition centre of East Java, and buyers from domestic and foreign countries who want to buy East Java package tour (inbound).

It is a closed business meeting between buyers and sellers in a booth which will allow them to have a comfortable transaction and gain more information on the products offered. Buyers will also be invited to join Fam Trip program to enjoy and witness tourist destination in East Java.

We hope the success of MTF and the increase of transaction in travex will have good impact for buyers, sellers and tourism development in East Java and Indonesia. I would like to express my deep gratitude to Consortium Agent (Manage by PT. Sagem Panca Pratama) who has done great effort to hold some Travex activities like dinner party, Business meeting and Familiarization trip.

Finally, the great success gained in this year will be a reference for buyers and sellers to participate again in the next MTF. We are certainly looking forward to welcome you to the 17th Majapahit Travel Fair in 2016.

Executive Director of East Java Government Culture and Tourism Service


MONASGreeting from East Java Province,

This is the third time that we are appointed by East Java Tourism Government to handle the 17th MTF Travel Exchange on April 14 2016. And this is really an honor for us.

As a cooperative effort of promoting the East Java region as a tourist destination, the MTF travel exchange is an annual gathering that brings together the buyers and sellers to discuss innovations, trends and developments in the tourism industry and facilitate joint policy formulations to accelerate the growth of East Java Tourism.

We really hope from this event, all buyers and seller will have a fruitful business discussions and prospects for both side.

To all the delegates, we welcome you to our home, The East Java province. We hope that, beyond the travel exchange, you can experienced our region in different ways.  Not only this event is expected for the exchange of ideas for the progress of our economies, we also hope that these meetings will build stronger friendships between us.

Thank you and sugeng rawuh!!

Monas Tjahjono
Chairman MTF Travex 2016